Charlene Tubbs


“My name is Charlie, I am the sole operator of Kanooka Creek Art. I live in the Pappinbarra Valley, 45 mins drive from Port Macquarie. It is here where I am a practicing artist and community arts facilitator, a hobby farmer, mother and carer for the environment.”

Charlie is an artist and arts worker who has participated in the creative industries for close to 20 years, dedicated to arts practice and to purposeful collaboration with a wide range of the community, Charlie aims to deliver art and education experiences of a high quality, that are accessible and engaging.

Represented in Kanooka Creek Art, Charlie aspires to provide a place to create, presenting activities that are both current and meaningful accessing a wide range of technical skills in the arts including printmaking, batik, environmental sculpture and 3D arts.

Charlie is an insured operator and trader, available for arts work contracts and commission.

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