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Online Gallery Experience

Local Artists are on display in the online gallery experience. No matter where in the world you are you can enjoy exploring the local creative offering.

Creative Kids Vouchers

Why not check out the Artist Directory for all the local creative outlets where you can use your Creative Kids vouchers!

Just getting Creative?

Get onboard with a workshop, or read up on what local creatives are up to for inspiration.

Supporting the Creative Industries

Creative Wauchope is always on the go with ideas for Artist support. When you browse our site, buy from the online store, join a workshop or participate as an Artist you are helping to build stronger supports for the Creative Industries.


Creative Meetings of the Mind

Catch up online and in person with like minded creatives. Build your network, grow new partnerships and foster a community minded approach to the Arts.

Feel Like A Star

Artist showcases share insights on local Artists. Local Artists shine as creative minds through our feature articles and Artist Directory.